Case Results

State V. Tracy

Tracy, an African/American young man, was accused of raping a white 14-year-old at a local music festival. There was no admissible forensic evidence corroborating the alleged assault. Trial commenced in Caledonia County, but during the jury selection process, a...

State V. Root

In this DWI case, years of work challenging the Vermont State Lab’s prejudicial and biased breath/alcohol calculations finally hit pay dirt. It was well known that credible scientist would not rely on a single “average” metabolism rate when calculating a subject’s...

In Re: Abdul Zahir

On July 11, 2002, Abdul Zahir was detained by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan after a fellow villager accused him of working for the Taliban and foreign forces hostile to the Afghan government, including Osama Bin Ladin. When Zahir’s home was raided, three pressure cookers...

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